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French Grammar

C’est vs il/elle est – explanatory chart

Author: Arnaud Courgey, Swarthmore College A very common problem for French learners is knowing when to use “il/elle” vs “c’/ce” before the verb “être” (to be). This explains the conceptual difference, but also–more reliably–the syntactical cues to look out for. Download resource: PDF  

French Syntax

en vs dans

Author: Arnaud Courgey, Swarthmore College

French has two different prepositions for “in”: «dans» and «e». This provides structured input leading to the discovery of some rules and patterns governing the use of one vs the other. To be used in combination with the associated Word document, which also contains notes for teachers.

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Russian Case Endings

Author: Christina Boyland, Bryn Mawr College


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ARISHIMA Takeo – Hitofusa no budo

Author: Tetsuya Sato, Haverford College

For intermediate/advanced Japanese courses.

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